Arsène Wenger visits his statue for the first time

After coming face to face with his statue for the first time, Arsène Wenger admitted that it was an emotional moment as he now feels "part of the club forever."

Our legendary manager returned to Emirates Stadium on Thursday having been guest of honour at our game against Monaco, and this time he had the chance to visit the bronze tribute depicting him lifting one of his three Premier League titles.

He was delighted that he will now always be synonymous with a hugely successful period in our history when he also claimed seven FA Cups, as well as play a major part in steering the club through the move from Highbury to our current home, where he will now always be permanently remembered.

He admitted that is something he is truly touched by. "It looks a bit strange to look at yourself not moving!" Arsène said, "But it’s emotional because it’s an honour and overall, I always wanted to be part of this club, and somewhere I feel I’m part of this club forever and that’s where I want to be. So, I’m happy because I’m where I want to be.

"I was always animated by the energy of working for something that’s bigger than me. Overall, I feel that my contribution was to make this club what it deserves to be: one of the biggest clubs in the world. So, when I come now and I see the stadium, I see my work was worth it because I feel that this stadium made me suffer. I’m happy to stand in the shade of this stadium because I had some sleepless nights because of it!

"But overall, it’s great to see it and come back to see such a fantastic atmosphere now, with our fans and with the team doing well. For me, it’s a great satisfaction."

You can see the moment by pressing play on our video above, and discover much more about the design process behind the statue itself.

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