$AFC Fan Token: Everything you need to know   

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We want to bring you closer to The Arsenal.

Working with Socios we have a created a platform that will allow you to influence and engage with club decisions like never before.   

$AFC is the way we do that. It’s the name of the only official Arsenal Fan Token and it will be available from August 12 on the app. Still with us?    

$AFC will give you: voting rights on official club decisions, unrivalled access and the opportunity to earn real-life and digital club-related benefits and experiences.   

Do I need to pay for it?   

Arsenal Members will receive an $AFC Fan Token for free. Once you’ve got a token, it’s yours for life. You can use it over and over again to vote on club decisions and to access VIP experiences. All free tokens Arsenal Members redeem are non-tradable.   

We will hold a Fan Token Offering for non-members on August 12, during which a number of $AFC tokens will be available at a fixed price – roughly the cost of a coffee!   

After that, once the Fan Token is listed, more tokens will become available and the price will be determined by supply and demand.   

How many times can I vote?   

You can start influencing club decisions with just one $AFC Fan Token.  

Of course, the weight of your vote is defined by the number of Fan Tokens you own. If you own 10 Fan Tokens, your vote will count as 10.   

We’ll cap each poll at a certain number of Fan Tokens to keep things nice and fair!   

When and how can I buy  it?   

The $AFC Fan Token will be available on the app on August 12.   

Once on the app you’ll need to buy $CHZ first – think of this as a foreign currency when going abroad. Stick with us! – and then simply exchange your $CHZ for $AFC. Sorted.   

You can purchase $CHZ using your debit or credit card.   

In order to buy $AFC fan tokens you need to purchase the cryptocurrency Chiliz. Please remember that the future value of Fan Tokens is dependent on supply and demand, and can therefore go up as well as down.

Fans should be aware that they could lose some or all of their money invested. We advise you to spend only what you can afford and seek independent financial advice if required. Remember that you only need one Fan Token to vote in polls and participate in competitions, and all paid members will receive one non-tradeable Fan Token for free.

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