Introducing... Head to Head

Mattéo Guendouzi vs. Lucas Torreira in a game of Head to Head... 90 seconds, 1 winner.  

Head to Head is our brand new 1 v 1 goal scoring game on the Junior Gunners app. Jump, kick and header your way to victory by scoring as many goals as you can against your opponent. You can play as your favourite Pocket Player including two of our latest recruits who we challenged to have a go at a real-life version. 

Who do you think won? Does Guendouzi have an advantage with his big hair or will Torreira's special move seal victory?

If you'd like to play Head to Head, the latest version of the Junior Gunners app is available to download for free from your app store. It's completely safe to use with no chat functions or in app purchases!

Download it now, to your smart phone or tablet via the App Store or Google Play.