George Fisher

George Fisher joined Arsenal from Lancashire on trial in October 1909.

The goalkeeper played twice in succession later that month against Notts County and Nottingham Forest, but he struggled for further opportunities.

After one South Eastern League appearance and two league matches he never played again.


"George was the reserve keeper in the 1909/1910 season, but he certainly didn't have the manager's confidence. In fact so low was the esteem in which he was held, when regular keeper H McDonald was injured on September 25, 1909 (in the 3-2 victory over Chelsea) he [McDonald] was selected over Fisher for the following game away to Blackburn on October 2. The local Blackburn paper reported the game (which Arsenal lost 7-0) by saying that the keeper could neither jump nor bend down to touch the ground - and yet still he was played!

"Fisher finally got to play in the two games away to Notts County and home to Nottingham Forest. Both were lost - 5-1 and 1-0. After that the regular keeper returned (although it is hard to imagine that the knee injury described in the Blackburn press had cleared up properly) and on October 16 Arsenal lost again, 6-2.

"Poor George Fisher - he must have been so bad that the management preferred a seriously injured keeper to a fit George Fisher. The details of this story were put together during the research for my book "Making the Arsenal" which tells the story of Arsenal in 1910."
Tony Attwood, Corby

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