Cooper Tires: Precision Challenge

Cooper Tire Precision Challenge

Arsenal Football Club partner, Cooper Tire Europe, set out to answer an age-old question – just how precise are some of the best footballers in the world?

Cooper recruited midfielders Santi Cazorla and Mesut Özil, plus forward Lukas Podolski, and designed a bespoke structure topped with four of its Zeon CS Sport performance tyres and asked the trio to guide a shot through all four rubber rings and into the goal. A secondary test involved aiming through a single tyre, hung from the top right of the goal mouth.

While German World Cup winner Podolski came out on top of the contest, scoring twice through the single tyre in the final, and Cazorla was the only one of the three to beat the four-tyre structure, the lure of the competition was too much to resist for the rest of the watching Arsenal squad – Alex Oxlade-ChamberlainAlexis Sanchez, Jack WilshereAaron RamseyJoel Campbell and even goalie Wojciech Szczesny were among the players who piled in to have a go at the Cooper challenge.

The fast and furious fun that resulted can be seen in this video, released by Cooper Tire Europe:


Cooper Tire Europe Marketing Communications Manager, Sarah McRoberts, said: “We were only expecting to have the three players taking part but the rest of the team at the Arsenal training ground were intrigued by the accuracy test we’d set up.

“Before long, they all wanted to have a go and prove they were the best. The test certainly seemed to provide a decent challenge, even for world-class players like these and it was fascinating to see how players of their calibre adjusted after each kick to get closer and closer to the mark until they nailed it.”

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