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Ognjen Soskic, Arsenal Gap Year 2010


Ognjen Soskic, Arsenal Gap Year 2010

From: London

Pre-Gap Year: Studied History at University College London

Post-Gap Year: History and Sport teacher at a Preparatory School in London

Gap Year placement(s): Kenya, Barbados

What did you gain from doing the Arsenal Gap Year?

The experience of working with kids - standing up in front of them and explaining what they had to do. Early bits of behaviour management. All this held me in good stead when I became a Teaching Assistant. I also gained friends, my football got better and I got fitter! I also got to go back to Barbados (twice!) to coach as a result of the connections I made on the programme.

What was your favourite part of the programme?

This is hard! Firstly, the training sessions were brilliant, we had a great bunch of lads and it was great fun. Kenya was eye opening in more ways than one - I could go on forever about Kenya. Then of course there was Barbados too. Coaching during the week then going to the beach on weekends was a life I thought I could settle for. Didn't pan out that way!

How would you describe your overall experience on the Arsenal Gap Year?

Fulfilling and set me on the path I am on now without question.
What advice would you give to anyone thinking of doing the Arsenal Gap Year?
Do it properly, engage with the material you are given and aim to improve yourself constantly. Remember, you know nothing even if you know something. Engage with people, take on additional responsibilities - you won't have a better opportunity to coach abroad at such a low price. Take in the culture abroad!

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