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Dennise Robinson, Arsenal Gap Year 2015

Dennise Robinson, Arsenal Gap Year 2015


From: Christchurch, New Zealand

Pre-Gap Year: Studying Sports Coaching at University of Canterbury, New Zealand

Post-Gap Year: Based in London to travel around Europe, before returning to New Zealand to complete degree

Gap Year placement(s): Vietnam

What did you gain from doing the Arsenal Gap Year?

I gained a lot from doing the Arsenal Gap Year. Being surrounded by other coaches on a daily basis, hearing all the different ideas and comparing different coaching styles helped me to understand different ways of coaching it gave me the opportunity to improve my own coaching style. I also gained confidence and experience from all the coaching opportunities I had within schools in London and in Vietnam.

What was your favourite part of the programme?

My favourite part was all of the coaching opportunities I had especially the sessions at the Arsenal Training Ground! The facility was amazing and the kids were excited to be there and it was evident in their football as everyone put in 100%. Another favourite was coaching the little Year 3s every week – they get so excited to see the Arsenal coaches and they were always ready to have fun in the sessions.

How would you describe your overall experience on the Arsenal Gap Year?

Overall it was an amazing experience. Coming to London all the way from New Zealand to partake in the Arsenal Gap Year was certainly one of the bravest yet rewarding decisions I have ever made. Going abroad to Vietnam, experiencing another culture and being able to compare football from England, New Zealand and Vietnam was amazing.  I would recommend the Arsenal Gap Year to anybody wanting to pursue coaching football.

What advice would you give to anyone thinking of doing the Arsenal Gap Year? 

My advice to anyone thinking of doing the Arsenal Gap Year would be to go for it. Give 110% in your coaching and get as much out of the Arsenal Gap Year as possible. They give you so many opportunities and you're only there for a limited amount of time, so take on as many opportunities as possible and afterwards you will see the benefits.

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