Emile Smith-Rowe answers your questions

Emile Smith Rowe
Emile Smith Rowe

We recently sat down with the breakout Arsenal star to ask him questions submitted by Arsenal Members

Jacob asks… What’s your favourite skill or trick?

It’s not really a skill, but I like one-twos with another player. They’re really important and they can take a player out of the game. Watching a one-two is better than seeing a trick, to me.

Liam asks…. What is your main diet of food and drink during the football season?

It often changes but I eat a lot of chicken, fish, rice, pasta, vegetables, and fruit. They’re the main ones.

Anay asks… How confident are you for this season?

I’m very confident, I spent the last part of the previous season on loan and gained a lot of experience and confidence.

Olaf asks…. What is your daily routine to be in perfect shape for the match?

Wake up, have a small breakfast. If it’s a home game we’ll go to the stadium and drop off our cars, then head to a hotel and have lunch. I drink lots of water too as it’s important to stay hydrated.

Anand asks… What tips would you give to aspiring footballers?

It’s important to be confident, be yourself and enjoy the game. It brings out the best in you if you’re having fun and enjoying yourself. Don’t let a mistake affect you, stay positive and keep going.

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