Los Angeles, CA

As you might expect from the second most populous city in the United States, Los Angeles is home to one of the largest and most diverse fan groups in the country. And when you mix locals with Gooners from all over the world, you have an electric crowd with whom to watch a game. 



Group name: Los Angeles Gooners
Location: Los Angeles, California
Home Pub: Parlor
7250 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90046
Facebook: Los Angeles Gooners
Twitter: @LAGooners

"Our goal is to keep finding new ways for Arsenal fans in the Los Angeles area to stay connected an involved with their club and each other whether in person, or through social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter," said branch manager Casey Duggan.

Average turnout: "We see crowds of 70+ for every match."

Where our members hail from: "For the most part our members live in the greater Los Angeles Area and surrounding counties. We are made up of native Angelinos, ex pats and transplants from all over the world. Los Angeles is one of the most diverse cities in America. That's what makes LA such a great city to host a supporters club."

Group’s favorite Arsenal moment: "I asked a few members what their favorite Arsenal moment was and received very different answers. What was unanimous was the day our club really came together and formed an even stronger sense of community and solidarity. It was the game Aaron Ramsey suffered his horrible injury. Every last member in attendance was rightfully silenced and disgusted in what we had just witnessed. We all thought it was going to be "Eduardo" all over again. We had visions of Gallas sitting on the pitch while the team fell apart and our season ended as a result.

"What we ended up seeing that day was the complete opposite. In fact The Gunners with Captain Cesc Fabregas at the helm rallied as a team and put 2 more past stoke. They showed Stoke and the rest of the world that we weren't going to be bullied and that you cannot out-class Arsenal. The LA Gooners that day stayed at the pub well into the afternoon and some of us into the evening. It’s been great times ever since."

How popular are Arsenal in Los Angeles: "You do not encounter the same amount of Arsenal fans on the street as you do a United, Chelsea, Barca Fan etc. What we are is organized. We are the largest Supporters club in Southern California."

Why we are Gooners: "We have no choice. We know football, we play football therefore we understand the game and how it should be played. As Americans, we all have an opportunity to choose a team not based on geography or family ties. We have the chance to watch it as a neutral and fully appreciate one particular team’s style of play, business ethics or history. For us the choice is clear. We are Arsenal."

The LA Gooners enjoy working with the Arsenal community across the USA in various ways: participating in radio shows, cross promotion, providing art work and helping with match-day flyers. Just let them know if they can assist your supporters group in any way possible."

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