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SignVideo service for deaf or hard of hearing fans

Arsenal were one of the first Premier League clubs to launch a new service for deaf or hard of hearing fans that use British Sign Language (BSL).  

Click here to access SignVideo now 

or find out more and get some hints and tips before you use the service:

What is SignVideo?
SignVideo provides our Deaf or Hard of Hearing customers who use British Sign Language (BSL) instant access to a SignVideo online BSL interpreter, in real time, on a video relay system.

This service is simple, fast, secure and free. Arsenal FC can be contacted Monday to Friday from 9.30am to 5pm. 

To contact Arsenal FC using SignVideo Interpretation Service via a device (please see technical requirements below). Then follow these steps:

1. Click on SignVideo logo to make a call from the browser. 

2. Connect to a SignVideo interpreter and they will confirm you are contacting Arsenal FC.

3. You will then be connected to a registered qualified BSL interpreter and can start the conversation in BSL (British Sign Language).

Technical Requirements
Before using SignVideo, please check:  

You have a computer or device with one of the following operating systems:

iOS devices: 11 or above
Android devices: 4.4 or above
PC devices
Your computer or device will need to have one of the following browsers:

PC: Chrome and Firefox
macOS: Chrome (Safari 11 supported)
a webcam
bandwidth of at least 512kbps upload and download.
For SignVideo troubleshooting and technical help, please contact  help@signvideo.co.uk or call 020 3388 0771.

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