Wubben-Moy on our fight and 'special' squad


Wubben-Moy on our fight and 'special' squad

Lotte Wubben-Moy has reiterated that “our heads will stay up” after a disappointing defeat to Manchester United in the Women’s Super League.

Our home-grown defender’s performance was one of many on Wednesday evening that typified the grit and character of our squad, as we were forced to adjust and learn quickly through key player absences. 

“Without a doubt, we showed our fight today,” said Wubben-Moy. “Obviously, the goal didn’t come and that’s what we were hoping for and that’s what we were pushing for at the end.

“That first half, I think we controlled the game and they struggled to play. We lost Leah early on and I’m not sure how she’s doing but I really hope she’s okay. Their goal came in the last minute of that first half and it’s really disappointing that we couldn’t hold on and get to half-time. 

“Then the second half, we made some tactical changes and I think you could see our resilience and ability to play. We’ve got a lot of special players and we continued to play football. We didn’t score and at the end of the day, that’s what it’s about, so credit to United for getting that. 

“It wasn’t our day but there are still many games left in the league and heck, we’ve got a Champions League semi-final to play on Sunday. That’s all to play for.”

Our Gunners continued to battle for a result after captain Leah Williamson was the latest in a long line of to be claimed by injury. Reflecting on our resilience, Wubben-Moy spoke of her ongoing pride to play alongside this team. 

“I don’t think I’ve ever played with such a close-knit and resilient team. It’s a special group of players.

“We said it in the circle: we have a lot to play for now. Our heads will stay up, we should be proud of how we played. 

“Injury is part of football, it’s part of the job, it’s part of the highs and the lows. Obviously, today is a low but we ride the rollercoaster and we’ll see what’s next.”

We’re faced with an immediate opportunity to bounce back as we take on Wolfsburg in the first leg of the UEFA Women’s Champions League semi-final on Sunday.

“It’s not often you get to say that you’re playing in a Champions League semi-final,” said Wubben-Moy. “That’s what we all have the privilege to do on Sunday.

“We’ll fight for the badge, we’ll fight for Arsenal and we’ll give it our best shot.”

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