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What’s the latest on Ozil, Alexis and Jack?

It is a question that has dominated many of our press conferences this season, and Tuesday’s was no different.

So what is the latest on the contract talks with Mesut Ozil, Alexis and Jack Wilshere? This is what Arsene Wenger had to say:

on the progress of contract extensions…
The progress is, in our jobs sometimes one day you think you’ve made progress and the next day you move back again, so as long as something is not signed you don’t like to talk too much about it.

on the plan if Alexis, Ozil and Wilshere leave in the summer…
Well, how we will cope with that… first of all we have not lost them yet and secondly we will respond to that by bringing in players of top quality.


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on whether any offers for Alexis or Ozil have been received…
We have not been contacted by anybody, no.

on whether he is confident of keeping them…
We try, but you know I answered that question many times. I think at the moment it is not to talk too much but to focus on tomorrow’s game.

on Wilshere wishing to sign a new contract…
I just answered that question, I want him to stay. I say I answered that question because as long as things are not signed you can say you are positive, negative or super positive, but when things are not signed you shut up and announce things when they are concrete, it’s simple as that.


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on whether it will be beneficial for us to sell Alexis rather than leave on free…
Honestly, my focus is on tomorrow’s game. After that, this club has lost many, many big players and has always responded well. Massive players have left this club and the club will always be in a strong position [afterwards]. You want to keep your best players, yes.

on not being scared of losing Ozil, Alexis and Wilshere…
No. Because I want them to stay. Why should I be scared?

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