‘We’ve helped each other along the journey’

Rob Holding has struck up a close friendship with Jordan Nobbs during his rehabilitation process.

The duo met each other after coaching together at our Hale End academy, and suffered their ACL injuries within a week of one another.
“At first, we were just like, ‘This has hit us both at the same time’” Holding said. “Then every day, I’d be in the gym and I’d go to the academy gym where she was at, and we’d sit and talk for 10 minutes.
“We’d talk about how it’s feeling, how the knee’s swelling, what’s the next exercise, what’s the plan, when’s your next holiday… I’ve literally just got to know her as a person. I think we’ve really helped each other along this journey.”
Holding also spent plenty of time in the gym with Danny Welbeck, and says the England forward played a huge part in his positive approach to rehab.
“He’s been a massive part of the group,” our defender said. ‘He’s just someone that lifts everyone around him, who walks in and brightens up the room up straight away. Even though his injury is an ankle, he’s like an honorary guest to the ACL rehab crew. We couldn’t do this without Danny.
“What he’s going through with his ankle and how stiff it is some days, some days I’ve seen him come in off the grass and he’s just been like looking at his ankle thinking, ‘That’s sore and it’s getting hard’ but then there’s three other people around him to lift him. Because that’s what he’d do to us. Much respect goes out to Danny.”