'The team is ready to be a leader in Europe'

Joe Montemurro has always been a ‘project coach’. 

Ever since joining us in November 2017, he’s always had one eye on the future - and despite his decision to step away from his role of head coach at the end of the season, he believes that this team can can become a force in Europe. 

“The team is set and ready to be a leader in European football again,” Montemurro told 

“I think there’s a lot happening behind the scenes in regards to where the club is going, and reviewing and understanding that to compete in the women’s game it’s an ongoing and developing process. I think that the base is there for someone to come in and really take it to the next level and I’m really excited about that.

“It will continue to be a team that is pleasing on the eye, and people want to watch Arsenal. They want to watch the Arsenal women’s team because they’re just a great team to watch, but the amazing role models that are in and amongst the squad and that really represent the game in the way that it does is synonymous not only to the players, but to the club itself. It’s a special brand, it’s a special place to be, and I’m sure the club will achieve the heights that it deserves and will continue to be a leader in the game.

“I’m sure the club will make the right decision going forward, but again, we don’t take away the great work that’s been done by the staff and players in the last three-and-a-half years and what we’ve achieved. It only creates an amazing foundation for us going forward.”

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