Sokratis - I apologised to the team for my mistake

Sokratis is the first to hold his hands up for Sunday's result.

Our Greek defender's misplaced pass led to Watford's first goal at Vicarage Road, allowing the hosts to come back from two goals behind to earn their second Premier League point of the season.
Sokratis spoke to the media after the game. This is what he said:
 on the game...
I think that I cost the game for the team. It was my mistake for something simple that I don’t have to do. I think this was the problem why we lose the three points.

on whether it was his responsibility...
Yes of course.

on whether playing out from the back is the issue...
No, no, no. This is all about our responsibility and we have to do better. It was my mistake and today without my mistake, we would take the three points.

on whether he apologised...
Of course. I apologised because I cost the game for the team and I have to work harder. I know up to this moment I didn’t have a mistake, I didn’t do nothing. Everything was near too perfect. But defence is no risk and today it was my mistake.

on why we struggled in the second half...
This is because we didn’t have the same pace in the second half as in the first half. But if we didn’t do these mistakes, I don’t think we draw. Of course they had other chances to score more, but if we didn’t do these mistakes then nothing happens.

on whether we should be playing better as a team...
No, no. I don’t want to speak about others. Today it was my mistake and this cost the game. Nothing else. The other guys tried their best. I don’t have to do this mistake.

on Mesut Ozil's return to the side...
He played good. It’s a player that we need.


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