'Scoring with your first chance is pretty good'

"Yes, scoring on your debut with your first chance is pretty good going."

Alex Lacazette made an early bid for understatement of the season after making a dream start to his Premier League career on Friday.

The France international’s first touch in English football was the kick-off against Leicester. His second was a deft header from Mohamed Elneny’s cross that found the bottom corner. 

The fact that Lacazette’s third touch was also a kick-off - after Leicester promptly equalised - showed that we would have our work cut out on opening night. But late goals from Aaron Ramsey and Olivier Giroud ensured a happy ending for the home fans, and our new striker.

“It was a rollercoaster ride but it went well,” said Lacazette. “We let in some goals we could have avoided but we'll work to ensure we don't concede any more like that during the season. Fortunately we ended the game on a high.

“I think it was still too early [to celebrate properly when I scored]. That's how it came about but I think it was perhaps too early to celebrate because we didn't know how the match was going to pan out.

“It was good. Obviously I'm still getting used to the English game, the positives and negatives, shall we say, but I'm learning. It's interesting. Let's say the referee tends to let play continue... and you only really understand that when you experience it. Not that it's a positive or a negative, it's just the way the game is and you get used to it. It's nice.

“It is different to the French league but I knew that already. It's up to me to adapt.”

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