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Revealed: The impact of BCD games on players

Usually Arsenal v Liverpool at Emirates Stadium would generate one of the most raucous atmospheres of the season - but not this time.

As we prepare for our third behind-closed doors home match since the restart, Mikel Arteta says it is impossible to compare matches with and without supporters.
“It’s a a different game, I will say it like this,” our head coach said. “The crowd affects many situations, the crowd doesn't allow the team that is playing at home to have certain behaviours during the game because it is asking all the time, demanding the home team to act in a certain way.
“It puts pressure on players when they have the ball and when they don't have the ball and as well it gives a different energy to the whole game.
“The passion, the moments before the game when you are in the warm up… it is a completely different game and hopefully we can have [the fans] back with a very safe environment for them. I understand it is going to be a very slow process for them, but hopefully we will get there.”

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