'The reaction was good, everyone kept their focus'

Another game on the road, and another comeback victory.

Days after a late win against Benfica in Athens, we fought our way back from a goal down at Leicester to claim a 3-1 win.
Afterwards, Alex Lacazette faced the media and discussed the game. This is what he said:
on the win...
It's really good. We want to get back to the top positions in the league, as high as possible. We know we had to do some consecutive wins to come back, and today we really wanted to win. We did it well, I think.
on the best part of the performance...
The reaction after the goal we conceded. Everyone kept their focus, we stayed with the gameplan and when everyone's like this, it's easier to win.
on players stepping up at a key moment of the season...
I think it is important that everyone plays well. We talked about the younger players who played really well and helped the team, as well as senior players we need to be ready to be good. We don't want to have to rely on the younger players, when everyone is focused it is easier for Arsenal.
on whether that is on the minds of the senior players...
Yeah, we need to play and play well. Everyone wants to play so we have to perform really well to show the coach that we deserve to, and then it is up to the coach to decide.
on a crucial period in the season...
We know it's really important now, we have March, April and May to really finish well and I think these two wins [over Benfica and Leicester] will give a lot of confidence to the team because we came back from losing [positions] so it is good for the team, for the mood, for everything.

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