‘Nobody can question his love for Arsenal’

Jack Wilshere

Speculation over Jack Wilshere’s future has dominated Arsène Wenger’s media briefings in recent weeks.

The England international has entered the final months of his current deal but the boss only sees Wilshere’s future in north London.
“I see him here because he is an Arsenal man,” Wenger said. “He was here at the age of 10 and I believe as well he’s not only been here for a long time but he has some leadership qualities. He has a football brain. He is completely focused on Arsenal.
“The fact that he has been away and come back makes him realise as well that life here is not so bad maybe. That is something that is important that he can be one of the leaders in the future.
“He is much more patient and mature now. Before his desire to play was the only thing that mattered. Today he can analyse better. Is he fit or not fit? What is he to do? He has a lot of prevention to do and he does that religiously now. Before he was a bit more, My body can take that’ like we all are when we are 20 years old.”

“Who would question his love and commitment for the club,” Wenger added. “Nobody. We have to find an agreement that makes him happy and the wish that in the future he remains fit.”

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