Wenger - We feel at home in Islington

Arsene Wenger has spoken ahead of Arsenal celebrating 100 years in Islington at the match against Stoke City in the Premier League on Sunday. See what he said here:

on celebrating 100 years in Islington…
It's our home, Islington. That's where we feel at home, we know people from the council because we met them. I have the right to walk my sheep down there - don't forget that's very, very important! I was very happy when we found the possibility to keep our new stadium in Islington because we looked everywhere with the desire to stay in Islington and the fact that hopefully in the next 100 years Arsenal will stay there is fantastic.

on a similar change of going from Highbury to Emirates…
What is great for me is from Highbury you can see the Emirates and that is the continuity and as you 25,000 fans have walked into a half finished Highbury, that reminds me of the first photos on the stand of the Emirates with the lorries still driving in with the rubbish at Islington and that as well was something absolutely amazing.

on knowing Islington…
I know it well because before I stayed a lot at Highbury we went to the restaurants there at lunchtime. I know many people who were working in the communities in Islington for a long time so I have a link with Islington. The link for me is with Arsenal so there is a special link and overall I feel at home there.

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