Wenger on Ramsey, Giroud, Lloris, McCoy

Arsène Wenger faced the media ahead of the Premier League clash with Manchester United. Here's our round-up of the manager's quotes. For the headlines, visit our Digest page:

on rumours of a move for Hernandez...
That's just the normal English coincidence with the next game!

on whether Ramsey is one of world's best…
I don’t like always these kinds of conclusions. I think Aaron Ramsey is a very strong player, he plays with a lot of dedication, with a huge desire and focus to improve and that is the most important thing. How much do I rate him? I think I have shown that in the past, even when he was hugely criticised I always played him. That shows you how much I admire him and how much I think he is a great player.

"You wouldn't like to think that somebody could escape dangerous play just because it hasn't been seen well by the referee and misjudged by the referee"

on Giroud’s workload…
He is [being asked to do a lot]. He has the physical resilience to cope with that, he has good stamina, a strong body and has a great appetite for the game. He has not been recognised for a long time in his career, he is very hungry to play in every game and he can cope with it. I don’t see any sign of fatigue.

on Tony McCoy's 4,000th horse racing win...
It's such an achievement that nobody has done it and that is absolutely fantastic. I would like to publicly congratulate him. I looked as well at
the number of injuries a guy of that level has suffered during his whole career and you must say it's absolutely unbelievable what a guy like that
has gone through without losing his ambition, his hunger to win. That deserves a huge respect for such dedication. I must say I admire that.

on whether he has had a bet on McCoy…
Never. I don't bet. I have no time.

on Riether's retrospective ban…
[I am] 100 per cent [in favour of them]. Because you wouldn't like to think that somebody could escape dangerous play just because it hasn't been seen well by the referee and misjudged by the referee. This sacrosanct rule that once it has been judged by the referee nobody can come back, means you could be a killer just because the referee doesn't have the perfect angle to see what you did. I completely support that and the players knowing that that can happen will only improve the situation.

on the Hugo Lloris incident…
I am for a change of rule on that because I feel that… when you have made your three changes and [a head injury] happens to your goalkeeper, would you then decide to take the goalkeeper off and put the right back in goal and play with 10 men? Or would you be in favour of leaving your goalkeeper on? I believe in these exceptional circumstances, and down to the fact that a goalkeeper is a special position, you would allow the goalkeeper to come off and replace him with the other goalkeeper, even if you have changed your three players. Down to medical reasons that has absolutely to be changed in our game. I listen to the medical staff on that front. Head injuries are special injuries where I take only advice from our doctor.s.

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