Wenger - Brave Ramsey never gives up

Aaron Ramsey

Arsene Wenger believes Aaron Ramsey’s willingness to take responsibility is one of his biggest qualities and a key reason behind his incredible form.

The 22-year-old is enjoying the season of his life, having scored 13 goals in 23 appearances for club and country.

Wenger is delighted with the strides the Wales international has made, and puts it down to hard work and an inherent bravery.

"Where he has improved a lot is in his first touch, in his finishing, in the quality of his long balls"

Arsene Wenger

“We always saw that he had a good engine,” the manager said. “He has another quality in that he does not hide to take the ball - and when he makes a mistake, he doesn’t hide again. For me that is a quality. He is always available to take the ball and play.

“Where he has improved a lot is in his first touch, in his finishing, in the quality of his long balls - which were too strong or not accurate enough - and in the speed of his vision.

“Let’s not forget that one year ago people were saying to me, ‘It’s difficult to play him at the Emirates’. You could see there was an impatience with him at the Emirates.

“As a manager you think, ‘Do I push him through and he can go more down or do you give him a breather to get him a fresh start?’. That’s always difficult to assess because it is linked to their mental state. When their own confidence is down, of course they are in trouble. But he is a confident boy.

“But you have to give him credit for that transformation - the credit goes to him because he could deal with that. He could come back, never give up and convince everybody that he has the needed quality.”

Wenger believes Ramsey has the potential to be world class if he continues to work as hard as he is doing at present.

“Of course he’ll get better,” the manager said. “He’s 22 years old. I’m 64 and I still think I can improve so why should a guy who is 22, who can play until he is 35, think he is at the top of his game? If he has the right attitude, he will continue to improve.”

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