Pictures: Welcome the Manchester Mouse!

Animals at football - Mouse at Manchester United v Arsenal

There was a shock appearance at Old Trafford on Sunday... from a mouse!

With about 35 minutes gone in the game against Manchester United, one of our furry friends made his entrance, and was caught on camera by our club photographer.

"I was sat at the Stetford End, to the left of the goal," Arsenal snapper David Price said. "The mouse ran on from the left touchline about 35 minutes in.

"I was obviously following play at the other end of the pitch when the movement of the mouse caught my eye. I quickly fired a few frames of it on my 400mm lens as he jumped around in the 18-yard box, where he stayed and started to burrow into the pitch."He was still there when I went to change ends at half time!"

The Manchester Mouse is far from the first animal to appear at a Arsenal game. See if you remember any of these examples:

The squirrel at Arsenal v Villarreal, 2006



One of the more recent appearances, a squirrel took to the Highbury pitch during the Champions League semi-final win over Villarreal in 2006 and created something of a stir


The unlucky black cat, 1964


Black cat at Liverpool v Arsenal, 1964

Black cat at Liverpool v Arsenal


On August 22, 1964, a black cat made a star appearance at Anfield during the Gunners' game against Liverpool - the first-ever game picked to launch the BBC's new football highlights show, Match of the Day. He didn't help Arsenal though, as a last-minute own goal from Don Howe consigned them to a 3-2 defeat.


Vitoria the Eagle, Benfica v Arsenal, 2011

Vitoria the eagle at Benfica v Arsenal

Vitoria the eagle at Benfica v Arsenal

When Arsenal faced Benfica in the Eusebio Cup in 2011, they got a taste of the home club's pre-match tradition - the flight of Vitoria the eagle. Before every home match, Vitoria flies around the Estadio da Luz several times and lands on top of Benfica's club shield, creating a real life version of the club's emblem.

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