41. Highbury welcomes VIP visitors

HRH Prince Charles and Patrick Vieira

Famous faces at the famous old stadium

The Club have kept a guestbook for VIP visitors to Highbury since the 1930s.

The signatories include: Harold Lloyd, Anna Neagle, Albert Finney, Richard Attenborough (all actors), Robbie Williams, Flanagan and Allen, Rod Stewart and Phil Collins (musicians/singers), John Major, Anne Widdecombe, Bertie Aherne, George W Bush, Douglas Hurd, Michael Howard (politicians), the Prince of Wales and King Faisal of Iraq (royalty).

A number of other Hollywood actors have either attended an Arsenal game at Highbury or are known to be fans. These include: Jackie Chan, Owen Wilson, David Soul, Freddie Prinz Jnr, Kevin Costner, Michael Moore and Spike Lee.

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