Gooner On The Road: Sydney fundraiser

Gooner on the Road

By Peter Anderson

With a strong heritage and one of the biggest international fanbases in the world, there is always more to Arsenal than 90 minutes of football. This is a community which regularly comes together on a truly global scale. To many, we are known as the 'Arsenal Family'.

The focal point of my round-the-world backpacking trip is to raise £10,000 for the Triple Negative Breast Cancer Foundation.

Originally, the vehicle for donations would be through people reading my blog at, but we all know it takes a while to hit a 'critical mass' of readers, so the volume of contributions has been trickling through slowly. It quickly became apparent that I would be relying instead on fundraisers organised by other members of the Arsenal Family, in particular the supporters clubs that I would be visiting while travelling from city to city watching matches.

There have already been some great fundraisers since I've been on the road. The Arsenal Supporters Clubs in Gothenburg, Madison and Santa Ana have all been particularly notable. The Sydney Arsenal Supporters, wanting to prove their worth, put on a fantastic fundraiser when I was in town for the Manchester City match.

There was a FIFA 14 competition, there was a DJ playing and a raffle for some signed memorabilia. All of this took place at 'The Armoury', part of The Commercial Hotel in the Parramatta district of Sydney, and the home to local Arsenal fans.

The result against Man City was a disappointment but the fans at The Armoury still managed to raise more than £1,100 - a remarkable feat considering that this supporters club has only been in existence since the start of the season.

Credit has to be given to Elia Eliopoulou who did a great job of arranging the activities. Pictures by George Makrigany.

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