Fans show support to injured Diaby

Abou Diaby
Abou Diaby

Abou Diaby is expected to be sidelined for eight to nine months after tearing his anterior cruciate ligament in training on Wednesday.

Arsenal fans across the world have posted messages of support to Abou on Twitter, using the hashtag #GetWellSoonAbou.

Here are a selection of them:

Just seen what the @Arsenal lads had on the training top before the game #RESPECT lovely touch #GetWellSoonAbou @m8arteta @AndrArshavin23

The Arsenal players are such a collective bunch! All wearing #GetWellSoonAbou t-shirts! #AFCvRFC #afc #Arsenal #TeamSpirit

Time for Arsenal! Do us proud and give us 3 points for Abou ;) #GetWellSoonAbou

keep smile... and #GetWellSoonAbou

We are so cute with the #GetWellSoonAbou warm up shirts hehehe #COYG

I still stand by Abou Diaby #GetWellSoonAbou

@AbouVDIABY You're an inspiration. Come back to us as soon as you can, we #gooners love you! #GetWellSoonAbou

Terrible news for @AbouVDIABY. Wish you all the best in your recovery! Stay strong! #GetWellSoonAbou #Arsenal

Words cannot express how unfair this is. #GetWellSoonAbou

it's so hard to hear what's happened to our soulja, but im sure he will fight to come back again, we all with u Diaby #getwellsoonAbou


@AbouVDIABY I will pray for you my brother! Stay strong, inshaallah you will come back stronger!! #GetWellSoonAbou

@Arsenal Come on Diaby, he'll be back and better than ever! Get back soon as and show us all how good you are #GetWellSoonAbou @AbouVDIABY

#GetWellSoonAbou wish you all the best! allez abou!! keep spirit!

You've always shown us what it means to play for the team you love,always giving the best when fit. #GetWellSoonAbou

#GetWellSoonAbou keep your head up, pray and strive for greatness. Its in you. Your time will definitely come.

insyallah you overcome this injury, @AbouVDIABY. never let your head down, stay positive. you can do this. keep the faith #GetWellSoonAbou

#GetWellSoonAbou You´ve done it before, you can do it again! Fight for the fans who look up to you, but mostly for yourself! @AbouVDIABY

Sad to heard about Diaby's horrible injury, #GetWellSoonAbou @AbouVDIABY

#GetWellSoonAbou hope to see you at the emirates fit and playing again!


Its disheartening and depressing to hear, but just know that everyone all over the world, sincerely wish you well. #GetWellSoonAbou

#GetWellSoonAbou We love you

Abou I wish you a very speedy recovery! We need your Vieira presence back in midfield as soon as possible. #GetWellSoonAbou


@AbouVDIABY remember, we're not just a team we're a family and just like a family we're there through good times and bad #GetWellSoonAbou

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