Franks Stubbs: Job done

13/14: Arsenal 4-0 Coventry City - Lukas Podolski

The whole football world expects you to progress against teams from a lower division. This is understandable of course but not only was last season's exit at the hands of Blackburn still very fresh in the memory but hundreds of FA Cup results down the years show expectation and reality do not always go hand in hand!

Coventry came to north London and played extremely well but we won 4-0 and we could thoroughly enjoy the rest of the weekend safe in the knowledge we were comfortably in the hat for the last 16. I would say that is 'job done'.

On yet another wet and miserable night, the game was interesting in many ways. Poldi's double pretty much put the tie to bed in the opening period but one or two other incidents added to the already unusual situation of playing on a Friday night.

Fan solidarity, despite our differing allegiances, is not highlighted enough I feel. Probably because far too often, positive news doesn't necessarily make 'big' news.

Coventry's current predicament, where they are playing their home matches in Northampton, is of course not ideal. The only way to look at that is by imagining if it was happening at the club we all love.

That knowledge and empathy was plain to see on Friday night as the Sky Blues' peaceful 'demonstration' was met by a standing ovation from the 50,000-plus Gooners present. Empathy of course, in the heat of FA Cup battle.

Towards the end of the half we were also treated to a semi-floodlight failure! Nowhere near dark enough to threaten the match and very much a temporary problem, but to see the stadium lit up with mobile phones 'concert style' was quite a spectacular sight and only added to the atmosphere!

Another incredibly tough draw at home to Liverpool is the prize for our latest victory but we now turn our thoughts back to the league and Tuesday night's tough game at Southampton.

Let's make some noise!

Come on you yellows!!


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