Frank Stubbs: Reluctant disappointment!

Somewhat strangely if Sunday's game had finished goalless I think I would have gone away accepting it was probably a fair result and relatively satisfied that we took a point from the game. Having taken the lead so late however, I couldn't help but feel a little bit disappointed as I travelled home.

Everton have already proved they are very good side and for much of the first half we saw plenty of evidence to support that.

Once again our defensive shape was excellent, limiting our visitors to few clear-cut opportunities. Indeed late in the half both Olly and Rambo saw great chances well saved.

The game ebbed and flowed throughout and was hugely entertaining. All we needed was that all-important goal. With 10 minutes to go it arrived and north London erupted.

With the noise reaching a crescendo however, we found ourselves level once more and three potential points became one.

I'm writing these thoughts before boarding my flight to Naples for the final game in our latest Champions League group stage. Now the dust has settled I am looking back on Sunday knowing full well we got something from a game that on another day we might not have.

I'll take that point with satisfaction and confidence, hopefully my contribution to the positive result we all crave from Wednesday in Italy.

Come on you mighty reds!


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