Extra: Wenger on Vermaelen, Russia 2018

Arsène Wenger faced the media ahead of the Premier League clash with Crystal Palace. Here's our round-up of the manager's quotes. For the headlines, visit our Digest page:

on Thomas Vermaelen...
It is unfortunately part of our job that sometimes we frustrate people. He is rightly frustrated because he has the quality to play, because he behaves with a fantastic attitude and is a credit to our job. Not everybody behaves like him, it is absolutely fantastic. I can understand completely his frustration.

on Mertesacker and Koscielny...
They have done well, and there was no particular reason to change. Vermaelen's time will come. In our job the most important [thing] is to be ready and he behaves like somebody who will be ready when needed.

on a potential boycott of Russia 2018…
You have to fight racism whether it is in Russia or anywhere else in the world. I don't know what really happened there but you cannot tolerate racism of any kind and you have to fight against it. Honestly I believe Uefa is taking action in the right way [but] to go as extreme as you suggested, it's a bit early to do that because it's not proven what happened. I believe that Russia itself has to fight against that and of course you want everybody to be active on that.

on Wilshere or Kasami - which goal was better?
Wilshere, without a doubt. You know why? Because Kasami scored an exceptional goal but many players in the Premier League can score a goal like that. To score Wilshere's goal is much more difficult.

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