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Inspired by Arsenal charity initiatives, including cooperation with ‘Save the Children’ in Beijing and China's BAGBAR charity run programme, Chinese Arsenal supporters launched a series of volunteer charity projects to help improve the education condition in the less developed areas of China.

In 2013, they took it the next level by building an Arsenal supporters’ charity school in Quanzhouarea, Guangxi province.

In May 2013, the project organiser announced the project via China social media and received massive positive feedback among Arsenal Chinese supporters.

The fans not only provided assistance financially but also worked personally in this project including logistics, material procurement, architecture design, construction plans and more.

After two months of preparation, on July 27, a 390 square metre Arsenal supporters’ charity school, with one basketball court and one classroom for 35 students, had started its construction.

Some fans stayed in the construction site for around four months and supervised the whole course of work.

The school was completed on October 18 for a total cost of £12,355, the majority of which was donated by Arsenal fans across China.

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