Wenger - What makes the derby so special

Arsene Wenger at White Hart Lane

You would be hard pressed to find anyone who has experienced more north London derbies than Arsene Wenger.

The manager takes charge of his 50th on Sunday but, with Tottenham Hotspur’s stadium move at the end of this season, Sunday's clash will be our final one at White Hart Lane.

“Geographically, I know walking out that our fans are there on the right, that’s a reference point,” Wenger said.

“Then you know the pitch is a bit smaller like Highbury and that you expect huge commitment, frenetic pace, very high vocal games. Of course, it makes the day special. I personally won’t miss White Hart Lane but what I like is the atmosphere.

“What makes English football special is the fact that the fans live the game. For me, there’s two kinds of supporters, the supporters you get in some foreign countries who sing the same song during the whole game, or some different songs but not linked with the game.

“In England, the fans live the game every ball. When there’s a corner the sound goes up. When there’s a foul the sound goes up and that makes English football special and completely apart from everywhere else.”


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