Wenger on being compared to Al Pacino

If you’ve not seen Theo Walcott’s Arsenal Albums feature, you can watch it here.

It’s a enlightening journey through Theo’s career, including more than a decade under Arsene Wenger at Highbury and Emirates Stadium.

No one in the current squad has heard more Wenger team talks than Theo, and in Arsenal Albums the England star compared his manager to Al Pacino in Any Given Sunday.

Here’s how the boss responded:

on being compared to Al Pacino…
You know I’m a very bad actor, I tell you. That comparison is certainly not right!

on if he could go into acting…
No, not really. You speak with your emotions and sometimes we get it better than other times, like all people who speak a lot. Overall I don’t remember what I said!

on if his speeches are off the cuff…

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