Wenger on Alexis, Giroud, title race

There were two big talking points in the media after our comeback from three goals down to draw 3-3 with Bournemouth on Tuesday night.
Arsene Wenger was asked about both Olivier Giroud’s celebration and Alexis’ frustrated full-time reaction, and this is what he said:
on Alexis’ being unhappy at the full-time whistle…
Well, what is surprising there? You want to win the games and when you don’t win, you are unhappy - it is normal.
on what he was like in the dressing room…
on wanting to see that passion…
Of course. Without passion, you do not come back after 70 minutes from three goals down in the Premier League. First of all it is exceptional, it doesn’t often happen in the Premier League and you need a special response, which is what happened. We wanted to win the game, and we didn’t do that so we are all frustrated. Of course [he is fine]. 
on Giroud’s celebration at Bournemouth…
Of course [I wanted him to get on with the game]. I understand both sides, because at 3-0 down in the head of the players the game is lost, but you still want the guys to take the ball and put it in the middle of the pitch.
on whether this is a six-horse title race…
It looks like Chelsea are still quite comfortable but when you’re interrupted in a series of wins, it always raises hope for others. It means you have to restart again. I think it’s an open league. The second part of the championship starts now. We know that January until May is the moment of truth for everybody. Who will come out of this race on top? It’s very difficult to predict at the moment.
on Tottenham v Chelsea…
It was a very competitive and tight game. It was based a lot on organisation, desire not to lose at the start because it was a big game. In the end, like many times before, a goal just before half-time played a big psychological part in the second half. It was a tight game but Tottenham could take the advantage from two great headers from Dele Alli, from two great crosses from Eriksen. 
on the battle for the top four being tough…
For everybody. But at the start, you want to win the league and give absolutely everything to do it. But I agree, every year you have to function exactly the same, no matter who you are. First, get 40 points. After, fight to be in the top four and possibly fight to win the league.
on whether he knows his best starting XI…Yes, I know it 90 per cent but it’s good to be open as well. When you have a big squad there is a competition there and when there is a competition there it makes it uncertain. You have to use the players who are in the best form at the right moment so I think it’s normal and it’s part of the competition between the players. If they know that no matter how well they perform, they have no chance to play, they give up.

on if that’s how to get the best out of the squad…[Chelsea] have the same team, which is easier for them because they don’t play in Europe. That makes a huge difference, so they have one game per week and therefore the stability in their squad is easier to have.


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