'These mistakes can't happen again'

What went wrong against Southampton on Wednesday night?

The defeat was Arsenal's first in 20 matches and, speaking after the game, Gabriel outlined where he felt the game was lost.

Gabriel, what are your thoughts on this difficult game and being knocked out of the cup?
It’s hard to say, it was a good opportunity for players that usually don’t get to play a lot, so we have to take this competition with the importance it deserves.
Unfortunately things didn’t go well, we conceded two goals and we only have ourselves to blame. We have to correct these kind of mistakes and avoid them in the future.
Arsenal had a better second half but it was still hard to break down Southampton’s defence.
We had ball possession but we no clear chance on goal. I think we can only score if we shoot, and I think that’s where we have to improve. If we try to shoot more the results will come.
How about the opportunity young players have in this competition?
I think that individually every young player has qualities and it’s great that they can come up and help us. Arsenal picked them for a reason. Now we have to correct our mistakes so they don’t happen again. We have to make the most of this opportunity next time. We’re out of this cup now and we can’t let that happen next time.
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