‘Seeing Chile video will help me decide'


To play or not to play Alexis? That is the question facing Arsene Wenger as he prepares for Saturday’s trip to Old Trafford.

The Chile striker scored twice for his country on Tuesday night and the manager will watch the video of that game to help him decide what to do at Manchester United.

Wenger would have seen the match already, but the time difference got the better of him.

“No, I fell asleep,” he confessed. “But I have watched the goals and he looked very sharp.

“I will watch the game today. I know him so well, like all my players that I observe every day, so I will be able to see if he was playing with a restriction or not.

“But for the first goal he scored he ran from the halfway line and resists [a challenge]. If you are really injured with a hamstring you cannot do that.

“It is a very difficult one because I am sure he will come back saying he is alright.”


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