‘Baresi remains incredibly powerful'

Franco Baresi
Franco Baresi

Alessandro Costacurta says that 56-year-old Franco Baresi “remains incredibly powerful” despite his age.

With more than 1,300 Rossoneri appearances between them, the duo are set to line up alongside each other in Saturday’s legends game between Arsenal and Milan Glorie, and Costacurta says his defensive partner is still as strong as ever.

“We played together a few weeks ago with Milan Glorie in China,” he told the official matchday programme. “I have to admit we are pretty rusty. In the first 20 minutes we conceded two goals.

“The rules have changed, it’s harder to play for offside now and Franco’s trick of raising his arm doesn’t work these days (Baresi was famous in Italy because the legend had it that every time he raised his arm, the referee called the offside). But after the first 20 minutes we settled down and we played well.

“He’s now 56 years old but is incredibly powerful. Stefano Eranio, who is 50, could easily play in some slower championships such as the Brazilian one. Paolo Di Canio doesn’t have any fat on him.

“On the other hand, Daniele Massaro has put on a lot of weight since he retired. I don’t want to reveal any secrets, and I might be risking a telling off from Fabio Capello, but I’d be very surprised if Massaro plays more than half an hour. With his belly that could be dangerous!”


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