Wenger on Guardiola, Zidane and China

Read extra quotes from Arsene Wenger's press conference ahead of the Bournemouth game:

on whether Pep Guardiola could still be Arsene Wenger’s successor…
I’ve said many times that I will not choose my successor here, I just want to leave the club in a position where it can do better when I’ve gone. If you look at the tendency and the trend in the Premier League now, of course it’s difficult to have a high win percentage for everybody, not just Pep. The Premier League is now maybe more difficult to be consistent in than any other league.

on if he supports a get-together of England players…
Yes, of course. I gave my approval. I want England to prepare well for the European Championship and I’ve given my approval for that.

on China and transfers and if the PL should be worried…
Yes, of course. Because China looks to have the financial power to move a whole league of Europe to China. We are long enough in this job to know that it’s just a consequence of economic power and they have that. Will they sustain their desire to do it? Let’s remember, a few years ago, Japan started to do it and slowed down after. I don’t know how deep the desire in China is, but if there’s a very strong political desire, we should worry.

on whether it will inflate transfer market…
Yes, it could but I believe that anyway the inflation is on our doors with the next TV deal in the summer, it will move up again the transfer prices. I am sure that soon the £100m target will be easy to reach.

on Zidane’s managerial future…
First of all, one month is a very short period to assess a manager. he was given chance, that is what he wanted and I wish him all the success he deserves. You know how it is at Real Madrid, you need to win every single game and they are in a fight with Barcelona who at the moment are flying. I hope it will go well for him.


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