Boss - Theo’s Arsenal highs and lows

 By Lloyd Webb

Arsene Wenger says it is very difficult to find players with similar qualities to Theo Walcott.

The England international celebrated 10 years at Arsenal this week and has developed into a key figure for club and country since moving to north London as a 16-year-old.

"It is very difficult to find a player with his intelligence when it comes to movement"

Theo Walcott

Wenger admits Walcott has experienced some highs and lows during his career, but remains a vital member of his squad.

“He was a little boy [when he arrived] who discovered the world and in the same year he discovered the World Cup as well,” he said. “Ten years later he is a father to a young boy and he is established in life.

“I believe that he has gone through fantastic periods in his life and disappointing periods too. One of them being he went early to the World Cup and has since not been. He missed one in South Africa because he was not selected and he missed another through injury in Brazil. I hope he will play a part in the next one.

"He is very responsible, very focused, very hard working and he has learnt his trade and today he has become a very important player in our squad.

"It is very difficult to find a player with his intelligence when it comes to movement and his timing of the movement. In modern football you do not find many players who have that.”

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