Extra: Wenger on Cazorla, Figo, FA Cup

Read some extra quotes from Arsène Wenger's pre-match press conference. For more headlines, visit our Digest page.

on Luis Figo’s Fifa campaign…It is interesting to see former players run for the campaign. Apart from the spectacular names, it is interesting to see that people want to dedicate themselves to improving the quality of our game. In football now what is very important is to develop our game at grass-roots level around the world. That is the most important thing and I would like to support people who have solutions for that. Dedicate more money to give good coaching, because good coaching is about education and giving values to people. What is most needed is that. For the rest, the job is done in professional football - for 98 per cent of it, it is done. You can always bring some improvements, but they are minor now. What is the most important programme for the Fifa candidates is to develop worldwide football at youth level.on endorsing Figo’s bid…I endorse anybody… I am not in a good position to judge all the candidates because I have not read the back programmes. But he is one of the credible candidates of course.

on Cazorla's future…He extended his contract last year. He was  30 years old and he has two years to go. You know our policy at the club, so I don’t think there’s anything special to worry about there. The suggestion is only a suggestion. We have never been approached by anybody about him.on contracts…If you speak about Coquelin and Akpom, that is settled. on Theo Walcott’s contract…No, no, it’s early.

on Cazorla's form…Until now he has been maybe the most consistent, he has been voted player of the month twice in the last two months which means he has been remarkably consistent. Since he has moved centrally his influence on the team has been bigger as well.on inviting a motivational speaker in…Sometimes we have people who give us their experience of life and of targets. You realise there are some people out there who are ready to give a lot to be successful and that is what is basically what is behind it.on the Balotelli penalty incident…Look we have all experienced that as managers. The damage can be big when you miss a penalty. When you score it is easier to repair. He scored and you have to say well done.on the cricket World Cup…It is difficult to avoid when you open the television anyway, cricket in England!on how you deal with heavy defeats…To heal the psychological damage, the self-esteem and confidence drop, is always difficult to make a separation of the emotional aspect and the objective judgement of what happened. Responsible people have to deal with both but at the end of the day you have to analyse why that happens.on letting players stew on a big defeat…You have to be severe when you win and sometimes be helpful when the team loses, and not to just step away and dismiss the bad performances. You’re part of it - you’re part of the experience and you play a part in it as well.on having scored inside 30 mins in last eight matches…Yes, it’s a consequence of a change of approach that is not a change of attitude. It’s just a change of confidence. When the confidence in the team is higher, you start a bit stronger. When it’s lower, the start is always a bit more difficult.

on playing Man United on a Monday…We play when we are told to play, [whether it] is a Monday or Sunday or Friday. We just want to win, and we adapt to the time. I don’t think that will be a major problem for us. It’s certainly not the most prestigious timing for people who want to watch on television. It’s more suited maybe for a Sunday game, but television has made that choice. We’ll adapt and have no problem with it. on if he’d rather play United at Old Trafford or Bradford at home…What I want is to go to Wembley, no matter who we play.

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