De Kat on winning start to Youth League

Chris Willock

Frans de Kat spoke to after the club's under-19 side begantheir Uefa Youth League campaign with a 2-0 victory in Dortmund.

on the performance...It was a tough game but we played quite well and we had a lot ofchances. We knew Borussia Dortmund very well - that they are strong inthe middle and when attacking, so we had to work very hard in defence. Now andthen we could press them high and succeed on that. [At times] we had todrop and that was very tough for us because they played between thelines. We scored some good goals in the first half, with Hinds scoringtwice, so that was very good, and we had some more chances as well.

on how pleased he was with the attacking performance...At the end we had a lot of counter-attacks and I think, in the secondhalf, we have to do that better, because some were playing for themselvesinstead of playing together and scoring the goals. It's all about scoringgoals.

on the defensive display...They worked very hard and it was tough because they had good players, butthey did quite well so I'm pleased with that.

on how the younger lads have slotted in... It's difficult for them, as a special event, playing in the European League. They did quite well and we worked as a team, we trained as a team and now we played as a team. I liked that very much.

on the Youth League...I like it very much. The surroundings here are okay but I think they canbe better. But it's a special thing to play in the European League andit's good for the players because they have other opponents, which isgood for the team and individual players.

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