Pictures: Fan reactions across the world

Arsenal Kosova Supporters Club
Arsenal Kosova Supporters Club

The FA Cup final is a truly global event - as our pictures below prove!

Earlier this week we asked you to tweet us images of your post-match celebrations, and we were inundated with fantastic images from across the world.

From those lucky enough to be at Wembley, to those watching thousands of miles away, the sheer ecstacy Arsenal's victory prompted seemed to be shared by all.

Check out our picture gallery below to see some of our favourites pictures (with captions listed below).


1. YEGooners outside Kelly's Pub in Edmonton, Canada

2. Fans in Indonesia go wild at the final whistle

3. Supporters in Goa, India were out in force

4. Arsenal Saudi Arabia certainly enjoyed the victory!

5. Supporters in Lahore, Pakistan wear wide smiles

6. In Chicago, there was a real outpouring of emotion

7. Vietnamese Gooners react to Rambo's winner

8. Walid Hai and friends celebrate at Wembley

9. Adam salutes the team, with Wojciech Szczesny at the front

10. Arsenal Kosova Supporters Club celebrate in style

11. Ben shows his joy after the full-time whistle at Wembley

12. Brew City Gunners let it all out

13. Chris McHugh cracks open the bubbly

14. Egyptian Gooners enjoy the moment

15. Epsy and friends at Wembley

16. Arsenal supporters in Cambodia

17. Gooners in New Haven gather en masse

18. Julian Ngai celebrates at the Emirates Stadium screening

19. @LucyGooner's shot of a jubilant Tomas Rosicky

20. Tom McEvoy's view at an ecstatic Wembley

rsenal Kosova Supporters Club
rsenal Kosova Supporters Club
rsenal Kosova Supporters Club
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