New water fountains help cut down on plastic waste

Water refill point at Emirates Stadium
Water refill point at Emirates Stadium

Throughout the course of this season, you may have noticed a new addition to the concourses at Emirates Stadium, added to help improve our sustainability efforts.

Back in September, we unveiled five new water dispensers on Levels 0 and 3, supplying fresh filtered water to our supporters. We have even added one to the away end for the visiting fans to enjoy. 

Since that game, these machines have already helped to remove thousands of single-use plastic bottles from the waste of our home ground. On top of the water dispensers for supporter use, we were also able to install a machine in the home changing room to keep all our players fully hydrated through matches. 

These machines further help us move away from the single-use plastic water bottle that has become so entrenched in our lives. 

The training ground at London Colney has also installed many mains-fed water dispensers to help the player and coaches stay hydrated, whilst not adding to 7.7 billion single-use water bottles that are used in the UK every year, or 481 billion used globally.

Our under-16 team used their reusable water bottles whilst on our sustainable tour last season and continue to use them around the training ground. Throughout the academy at Hale End, the young players refill water bottles for use during practice and matches, whilst several water dispensers are also available for family and friends to refill. 

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