Montemurro - There's a hunger to prove ourselves

It's been almost six months since our last competitive fixture, so it's no surprise that we're counting down the seconds to Saturday's Women's Champions League quarter-final.

Our last outing was February's Continental Cup final defeat to Chelsea, and Joe Montemurro and his side are determined to put things right in European competition.

"I think there's a real hunger because we're representing this great club in the most prestigious tournament in the world," he told Arsenal Digital. 

"We're a united group that loves putting on this strip and being part of this tournament. We want to give that every opportunity and we're delighted that we got the opportunity to finish the tournament, and that we are in the top eight in Europe. That alone is a massive achievement but I do believe that we have the opportunity to go further.

"I think we've been able to prepare in a way where we're very familiar with who we're playing, we understand who we're playing, but also so that we don't lose sight of us. We don't lose sight of needing to play our game, to play our style, to play with our methodology and make sure that we're in control of that.

"We've not wasted one opportunity in training, whether it's a warm-up or a passing warm-up, there's something that sticks to what we want to do but also familiarises ourselves on what we can take into the game. As I said, we've tried to give them as much information as possible where the pressure moments aren't pressure moments, they're familiar with them."

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