Montemurro - How we're supporting all of our squad


To help combat these strange and uncertain times, Joe Montemurro and his staff have created individual training programmes for the entire squad.

For some players that will involve doing extra sessions or continuing their recovery from injury, and for others, it will be about using this time to take a momentary break from football.

“Right now it’s pretty much all about being there for their needs,” our head coach told Arsenal Player on Friday morning.

“It’s very difficult because some of the players were forced to stay and it was the best decision for them to stay in the UK rather than travelling home, and it’s really, really important that they are in communication with their families, and we’re making sure that they’re on top with reaching out to their families.

“Our regular check ins with our groups and team leaders are important too, and each player is dealing with it in their own way. Some are quite happy to sort of lay low and stay away from football, but a lot of them want more individual programme work too. 

“It’s really tailored to the individual right now, but I think the most important thing is that we’re available, we’re here and I’m always a phone call away. That goes out to all staff too and I think that’s really important. In whatever need that they want to taper that discussion, we’re there for them.”

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