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Important update from our women's team

The upcoming Women’s Super League season marks the anniversary of 30 years of women’s football here at Arsenal.

In that time, we have been the most successful and progressive club in the English women's game. We have lifted 43 major trophies and developed some of the best players to grace the game. This is a huge achievement and something that is an important part of what we stand for as a football club.
We are always looking to improve as a club and to move the modern game forward, so as a result you will see in future that the 'Ladies' references will be dropped on Arsenal channels, interviews and messaging.
Video and pictures will make it clear which team we are talking about. We will wherever possible refer to our Women’s team as, simply, ‘Arsenal’ - just as we do our Men’s team.

This is a clear signal of togetherness and unity and is more in keeping with modern day thinking on equality.
For formal purposes we will be renamed as Arsenal Women Football Club. The name Arsenal Women will be used sparingly, primarily to avoid any confusion with the men’s team.
This is an important and progressive step as we embark on the next chapter of our history in women’s football.

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