Foord - Living with Lia has helped me massively

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Foord - Living with Lia has helped me massively

Caitlin Foord has had an unusual start to life in north London.

The Australia international joined us in January but despite scoring on her FA Women's Cup debut and starting our Continental League Cup final defeat against Chelsea, her momentum on the field was halted by the COVID-19 outbreak.

So just how has Foord used the months off the pitch to adapt to her new surroundings?

"Having two Aussies over to start off with is always familiar to have, and nice to have two familiar faces around," she said. "Just having two Aussies is nice because I'm not the only one anymore. 

"But living with Lia has helped me massively, coming into the team, and I'm very fortunate and thankful. During the lockdown period, she was living alone, I was living alone and her having a spare room, she invited me to move in with her. 

"Just being able to train with her, because you could only train with your household, and to have company was great because it would've been a very, very long team to be by myself. I got to know her and a lot of the girls more on a personal level through her as well. 

"That definitely helped me integrate into the team and get to know the players on a personal level, which at times can take a little bit longer normally in the season."

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