A renewed season

Stateside Gooner

By Chris Toronyi

The start of this season feels a bit like the first season of Seinfeld. It has potential, actors have room to grow, but man is it any good? Should we watch it? Many are calling for its head to be removed, taken off the air as the people that "know" don't feel as though it has what it takes to make a difference. Luckily for us the show did return after being briefly pulled. After Villa people had the same reaction. Let's get rid of this bunch - they are not good enough. They're not Arsenal. It's like we were calling for Seinfeld's head. 

I think we can all admit we're a fickle bunch who are quick to pass along judgment, scream our emotions from the mountain tops across our great lands. But you know, sometimes you've got to let it breath. Let the players, actors settle into their roles. If you watched the first season of Seinfeld you get what I mean. George and Kramer, who I see as the keystone to the show, were average at best for the first season. BUT once they found their footing it was on. I mean they delivered iconic phrases and gestures that can be found in pop culture today. This blog for one... 

Now I'm not gonna sit here and say this team can create history, but let's give them a chance. A chance to grow a little. Maybe we'll have some spice added to it before the window to push us even more. Look at what Newman and the likes of George's Mom and Dad brought to the table. They weren't the core of the show, but they were "special" enough to propel the show to a second season and beyond. They made the show deeper, more watchable, more enjoyable on a weekly basis. No doubt if this happened to us at Arsenal we'd be in for some awards. Emmys anyone? 

So look, they have given us hope with two clean sheets against Fener, took Fulham to the woodshed and now have the NLD to look forward to. No doubt we're chomping at the bit, flying a bit higher after our run. Let's do this. 

But before I go I have to ask: would you consider Aaron as George? Or is that Santi? I think it's Santi if you ask me.  

This week the Arsenal America Podcast welcomes @JamesOlley of the Evening Standard, @EastLower and @Gingers4Limpar where we talk Fulham, Fener Second Leg and look ahead to the NLD. Please don't forget to subscribe to the podcast on iTunes and you can also grab the RSS Feed


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