Celebrating the FA Cup - worldwide


Celebrating the FA Cup - worldwide

Millions of fans from around the world witnessed Arsenal's FA Cup final masterclass.

Scroll down for pictures from our global Gunners, with quotes from supporters clubs representatives.

Arsenal Australia (Newcastle)

“We are a relatively small area, population-wise, and have recently formed a sub branch of Arsenal Australia, so numbers are still low but definitely growing.”

Arsenal Australia  (Adelaide)

“We had a superb night and there were well over 500 in attendance - our biggest ever. The venue is called the 'Arkaba Hotel - Top Of The Ark'”

Arsenal Ireland

“More than 300 Dublin Gunners met at the Mercantile.”

Arsenal Thailand

“We had more than 150 people attending events at RoadHouse BBQ, Silom and BKK in Thailand.”

Arsenal Finland

“We’ve got photos from Helsinki, Turku and Tampere – and a video from Vaasa. More than 200 attended the Helsinki Sports Academy Sports Bar, with smaller gatherings in Tampere and Turku."

Arsenal Cambodia

“There were 70 fans involved and we had a parade around Phnom Penh on Sunday, starting at the Independent Monument. It was the second time we have held a parade.”

Arsenal Hellas (Greece)

“More than 40 Gunners gathered in Athens for the game.”

Arsenal Laos

“More than 50 Gooners met up in Vientiane in Laos.”

Arsenal Australia (Sydney)

“We had an extremely successful FA Cup final night, with more than 2,000 Gooners attending our event in The Star Sports Bar in Sydney.”

Arsenal Croatia

“We had about 140 people altogether in eight cities, and even had a guest from London in Zagreb! We had a bit of a problem in Dubrovnik - the TV broke for a short period so they had to watch the game on a mobile phone!"
Arsenal Guangdong

“The screening was held in Guangzhou, where our club members usually meet up. Almost 500 people attended the event. It was extremely hot and the atmosphere was electric. Our members really enjoyed themselves!”

Arsenal Kerala

“Arsenal Supporters Club Kerala made history on Sunday. Around 160 Gooners turned up at Cochin, the queen of the Arabian Sea, for the best ever screening Kerala has ever seen - some supporters even travelled 500km to join us! We also used the event to raise money for the Nepal Relief Fund.”

Arsenal Mumbai

“At the Arsenal Mumbai Supporters Club screening party, 600 Gooners came together for the FA Cup final.”

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