'Watching it gave me goosebumps'

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"It gives you goosebumps, you get the feeling that you want to cry or you want to run and celebrate something. There's all those mixed feelings but overall I loved it."

That was the initial reaction of Thierry Henry after watching his Arsenal Legends documentary for the very first time.

The Club’s record goalscorer was speaking at a star-studded launch event for our special documentary in December, and was joined by a host of former team-mates to look back on his sparkling career with Arsenal. The Frenchman and his family, friends and former Gunners revelled in 90 glorious minutes of goals, trophies, goals, ups, downs and even more goals.

 "You know what you've done,” he smiled. "At the time when you play you tend not to see it again because you're playing. But now I'm close to the end, I'm seeing the stuff that I have done. It's always kind of weird but it brings back good memories."

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Despite all the personal accolades he has won over the course of a glittering career, Henry never fails to mention his team-mates and how they have helped him achieve his goals. "That's something that I will always claim just to rub it in,” he said. "Obviously I understood that the documentary was about me, but I will always talk about my team-mates because without them it would not have been possible.

"You don't win without a great Sol Campbell at the back, you don't win without a great Kolo Toure, Lauren, Ashley Cole, Jens Lehmann, Gilberto, Patrick [Vieira].

"I'm not going to name the whole squad but you know people like Freddie [Ljungberg], Ray [Parlour], those are the type of guys who sometimes were not grabbing the headlines and they deserved to, sometimes more than us strikers.”


Thierry is joined by a star-studded cast of former team-mates

Thierry is joined by a star-studded cast of former team-mates


Endless adjectives were used to describe with the French striker on the back pages during his time at the Club, but he says he was often left uneasy at being seen as Arsenal’s only hero.

"As a striker sometimes, I'm not saying it's easy, but even if you're having a bad game but you scored the winning goal, the day after it's you on the back page of the paper. That's not normal, for me it's not normal.

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"What allowed you to be able to grab the winner? At the end of the game your team put you in that position and then you did what you had to do. But then the paper will always [put the focus] on the striker or the guy that scored the winning goal and I always used to think it wasn't right - but that's the way it is.

"So that's why every time I used to try to share, like you saw in the documentary [include link to iTunes here]. I like assists, trying to bring the other guys on to the scoresheet and making sure they can have the glory too. Without a great team you can't succeed.”

Following the screening, Thierry and his former team-mates stayed behind to catch up on old times and relive some of their past glories. David Seaman recalls his early memories of a young teenager from Paris.

"When Thierry first came we didn't really know who he was," said the former goalkeeper. "One of the biggest things that I remember is when we used to play an eight v eight in training. Thierry would be against Tony [Adams] and Martin [Keown], who would really try to kick him because he was so good and a little bit moody.

"But they couldn't get near him and all of a sudden you could see a change in his attitude. He was like, 'right I'm going to show you'. He'd get the ball and go past Martin and past Tony and then smash one past me. He wouldn't even celebrate.”

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Ray Parlour also recalled not just the brilliance of the man but also his sense of humour.

“As we were walking up the Highbury tunnel to do this TV interview, I said to Thierry: ‘This is your big moment on Sky Sports, just say 'I hit this ball, and it come off the beans on toast' and he said exactly that with a perfect French accent!” Parlour said.



Ian Wright was also in attendance and the Club’s previous record goalscorer conceded one of his main regrets was not being able to join Henry in leading Arsenal’s frontline.

"Thierry will go down for me as being one of the top five strikers ever,” he said. "To come in second to Thierry Henry when you look at what he's won - the World Cup, the European Championship, the Champions League and then his personal accolades... the only regret I have is that I couldn't play with him.”

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Over the Christmas period, the documentary spent a week in the No 1 spot on iTunes in the UK for a TV series, ahead of well-known programmes like Sherlock, Breaking Bad and Homeland.

The documentary has also received rave reviews from fans on Twitter, who have flocked to download it since its release on December 17:

@de9jan88 That @Arsenal Legends Documentary on King Thierry Henry, is the best money I've EVER spent on iTunes. That guy was something special. #TH14

"That @Arsenal Legends Documentary on King Thierry Henry is the best money I've EVER spent on ITunes"


@iandyson2 This Thierry Henry Arsenal Legends documentary is amazing.

@fc_ow Just watched the Thierry Henry legends documentary. WOW

@__bg__ Just finished watching the "Arsenal Legends: Thierry Henry" documentary. Absolutely brilliant fair play.

@jeremiroquai Finally watched the Arsenal Legends: Thierry Henry documentary downloaded from iTunes. So many times I had the hairs on my neck standing up

@mikesanz19 The Thierry Henry legend documentary is something else. If you haven't seen it, you don't know what you're missing.

@AimStephenson If watching an hour and a half long Thierry Henry documentary isn't the best way to start the year then I don't know what is.

@KurtisPowers Just got done watching the Arsenal Legends Thierry Henry documentary. Loved every second. Gave me goosebumps and butterflies. Not gonna lie, almost sparked a tear or 2.

@Jaytypical This 'Arsenal Legends: Thierry Henry' documentary is gold.

Download the full documentary from iTunes (UK only) and stay tuned for more episodes from our Arsenal Legends series in 2014.

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