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Every word of Jonas’ post-Lyon press conference

Jonas Eidevall

A historic 5-1 victory over the defending champions in the Champions League gave Jonas Eidevall plenty to smile about on our mid-week trip to Lyon.

In his post-match press conference, Jonas Eidevall was asked about Frida Maanum star performance, Lyon's injury-ridden squad, and whether this win is a sign of things to come.

Here’s every word of the boss’ post-Lyon press conference:

on whether Frida Maanum’s ball-carrying abilities secured her selection…

Yeah and also Frida is one of our players with the strongest running ability as well. I think she carried out that role tonight that required an extreme amount of running, because you basically have to defend two players the whole time. I think she was brilliant tonight - both off the ball and on. I think it was an excellent performance from her and she should be really proud and happy.

on scoring a record number of goals against Lyon on their turf…

We were very effective tonight but as I told the players after, I think they worked extremely hard to carry out the game plan both in offence and in defence, and when you do that sometimes, these things happen. 

But of course, it's a special night - we know that as well. I think it was a well-deserved win but of course, 5-1 is an unexpected result against a very, very strong team, so I'm very happy about that. I think I've spoken about this before: you don’t always get rewarded for doing all the right things in football but tonight we got rewarded and that I think that will increase the likelihood of doing the right things again in the future

on whether Lyon’s spate of injuries had an impact…

Yeah, I’d rather not speak about the players on the other side who didn’t play tonight. I can only speak on behalf of my team, Arsenal, and like I said, I think we had a really, really strong performance, both on and off the ball. It is the strongest performance that I have seen us do, so we played our part in this becoming a victory and getting the result.

on whether this was a statement win that proves we can beat any team…

Of course, it is very nice to be able to get a result like this. But you're not entitled to play like this every game you play. It starts with your preparation. It starts with the way you train. It starts with ensuring that everybody works with the game plan and has big belief in that. And that part you have to do for every game. Nothing comes for free in football, you're not entitled to anything.

on whether we deliberately exploited the space behind their full-backs…

Yeah, we did. I think it's not a surprise for people who have been following Lyon since preseason and in the games in the league this year, that they have been a little bit exposed in the area behind their defending line. But I'm pleased that we're doing in different ways because it's not that  we were going to hit the long ball over. I think we were preparing and had good patience and good positioning in order to draw them out and then go in the right moment. I was really pleased with that.

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